Original Album Series Vol 2 (5 CD)

The Doobie Brothers
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The Doobie Brothers - Album Original Album Series Vol 2 (5 CD). Género: Pop/Rock internacional. Reino Unido cinco cajas de CD que contienen un quinteto de álbumes de las leyendas del Rock Clásico. Presenta los álbumes The Doobie Brothers, Livin'' on the Fault Line, Minute By Minute, One Step Closer y Farewell Tour.

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CD 1
1. Nobody
2. Slippery st paul
3. Greenwood creek
4. It won t be right
5. Travelin man
6. Feelin down farther
7. The master
8. Growin a little each day
9. The beehive state
10. Closer every day
11. Chicago

CD 2
1. You re made that way
2. Echoes of love
3. Little darling I need you
4. You belong to me
5. Livin' on the fault line
6. Nothin but a heartache
7. Chinatown
8. There s a light
9. Need a lady
10. Larry the logger two step

CD 3
1. Here to love you
2. What a fool believes
3. Minute by minute
4. Dependin on you
5. Don t stop to watch the wheels
6. Open your eyes
7. Sweet feelin'
8. Steamer lane breakdown instrumental
9. You never change
10. How do the fools survive

CD 4
1. Dedicate this heart
2. Real love
3. No stoppin us now
4. Thank you love
5. One step closer
6. Keep this train a rollin
7. Just in time
8. South bay strut
9. One by one

CD 5
1. Slippery st paul live farewell tour
2. Takin' it to the streets live farewell tour
3. Jesus is just alright with me live farewell tour
4. Minute by minute live farewell tour
5. Can't let it get away live farewell tour
6. Listen to the music farewell live tour version
7. Echoes of love live farewell tour
8. What a fool believes farewell live tour version
9. Black water live farewell tour
10. You belong to me live farewell tour
11. Slack key soquel rag farewell live tour version
12. Steamer lane breakdown farewell live tour version
13. South city midnight lady live farewell tour
14. Olana live farewell tour
15. Don t start me talkin farewell live tour version
16. Long train runnin' live farewell tour
17. China grove farewell live tour version

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