Stranger Things 4: Volume 1 Netflix (2 LP Color)

Kyle Dixon & Michael Stein
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Kyle Dixon & Michael Stein - Album Stranger Things 4: Volume 1 Netflix (2 LP Color). Género: B.S.O.. Banda sonora original de la cuarta temporada de la popular serie de Netflix "Stranger Things", cuenta con un soundtrack con canciones como "Hellfire Club", "Kills you in your Dreams" y "A memory within a memory". Producida por Kyle Dixon y Michael Stein es un trabajo imprescindible para cualquier fan de la saga. 

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LP 1
1. What s the Internet?
2. I Wouldn t Remember Me Either
3. Teens
4. Journalistic Instinct
5. 100% Convinced
6. In the Closet (At Rink O Mania)
7. Does That Make Us Friends?
8. My Boobs Hurt
9. Unambiguous True Love
10. Stuck in 1983
11. Hawkins National Lab
12. Hellfire Club
13. Buried Memories
14. Fancy Bomb
15. We Are Not Heroes
16. Nine Feet Tall
17. Hail Lord Vecna
18. Powerful Psychic Connection
19. Ruth Nevada
20. Hellfire Isn t a Cult
21. I Know What I Saw

LP 2
1. Curfew
2. You re Regressing Eleven
3. Letter to Willy
4. Palm Tree Delight
5. Musso
6. Brenner s Little Pet
7. Mr. Fibbly
8. It s Just a Clock Right?
9. Welcome to Kamchatka
10. A Nightmare Far Worse
11. Caught a Body at the Munsen Trailer
12. A War Is Coming to Hawkins
13. The Elephant
14. Hurtling Towards a Gruesome Death
15. Barefoot in the Snow
16. Kills You in Your Dreams
17. The Shire Is Burning
18. Blood Balloons
19. Burning Baby
20. Mugshot
21. There Are Some Things Worse Than Ghosts...
22. A Memory Within a Memory

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